I define myself as a ‘collage artist’ as in my art and projects I try to make connection of the space, location and art works through presenting layers of their story (history) in a ‘collage’ way.


For my sculptured works I find my inspiration in classical and antique art, I being fascinated by ancient Greek mythology and philosophy, and work with traditional materials: marble, wood, ceramic. In my sculptures, I investigate how time changes the image, its shape and history, and becomes co-creator of the artwork. I explore how time transfers the antique esthetic and shape into the perception of contemporary art. Through the timeless beauty of antique esthetic, I want to show the fragility of the world, and the power of its spiritual beauty. I want to link antique images with contemporary perception of changing word, social challenges and eternal beauty.


In my paintings and drawings, I investigate people, their faces and bodies and how they are connected with personality and life-story, to reveal a deep labyrinth of character through layers of memory.  I find inspiration vague-and sometimes abstract-images that emerge from the past: like scrolling through a documentary of consciousness and dream. Time is my ‘scissors’. I am inspired with shapes and images of torn paper and torn photographs. Through torn shapes, I open past and illuminate history to define and redefine the present.  I try to paint a person’s life through vague images of his or her ‘film’ scrolling back, memories as a collage of torn photos and abstract images of dreams. Combining abstract and figurative paintings in acrylic and oil, with graphic ink notation, and coloured paper, I make several painting simultaneously based on my associations, dreams, and memories.  Some of them I destroy cutting these images into pieces. And then I recreate this motion again and again by gluing together fragments of past artworks, always newly captured within a moment.

With my installations and projects, I am getting inside the space through narrative interference with visual objects, light and shadows, performance and dialog. I like to be in relation with the context of the site, researching it, influencing it, making a story of it. I am fascinated to see how the meaning of art influence the site through interrelationship, and I want to respond the site, to reveal its story, and also to challenge the site with my intervention. I like to make the site to be an active participant and co-creator of the art works through site specific air turbulence or interference of people or using site specific architectural elements. My media is diverse: it includes visual objects (sculptures, paintings mostly self-produced), integrated with found objects and also with site architecture (windows, colums, door thresholds, arcs, etc.), texts, made in a form of collage: visual, mental, performative.

Marianna Blier