My time


Moving paper sculpture "Fragments of Time"

Installation based on the text of Erwin Wurm "I like my time I do not like my time"


"...Because I love my time / Because I can not stand my time..."

"...because I love my time, Yes I can stand my time /I am no mans time, God I am so hungry…" (text of Erwin Wurm)

"…Spread her beauty /Her fragility /And then I thought what a coincidence to be here / And not be here at the same time …" (text of Erwin Wurm)

"…Heat in my heart / And no job /She is great, She is in the pure, She is ecstasy, She is mine…" (text of Erwin Wurm)

"I am ashamed of my time / I am embarrassed / I am happy / I am sick / I am in love…" (text of E. Wurm)