When all the ants have come out of the clock
and the door to solitude opens at last,
will no longer find me.

She will look for me among trees driven mad
by the silence of one thing beyond another.
She will not find me on the raveled plateau
sensing her at the source of a rose.

Carlos Pellicer

Marianna Blier was born in 1976 in Astrachan (Russia). She studied art in the State Art School, and later in private courses. 

In 2000 she moved to Moscow, where she continued studying art, in parallel she got a PhD degree in economics in Moscow State University. Since 2007 she lives and works in Vienna. 

Marianna had numerous exhibitions in Vienna, New York, Venice, Berlin. Since 2013 she worked with artist Ernst Fuchs,



Art education:

since 2016 University of Applied Arts, Vienna

2015 Autocenter Summer Academy, Berlin. Class of Erwin Wurm

2015 International Summer Academy, Salzburg. Class of Irina Nakhova 

2013 Autocenter Summer Academy, Berlin. Class of Dirk Bell

1988-1992 and 1996-1998  State Art School, Astrakhan (Russia)