People and Stories


The Bowl, Graal. Oil, canvas, 100x80cm

Chicago bar. Oil, canvas, 100x100 cm

Crucifixion. Oil, canvas, 100x100 cm

Vienna in me. Acrylic and collage on canvas, 100x120 cm

Vienna in me. Detail Summer. Acrylic and collage on canvas

Vienna in me. Detail Automn. Acrylic and collage on canvas

Sleeping. Letter 15 "Samech". Oil, canvas, 100x80cm

Lidia, oil on canvas, 50x70 cm

Music. Oil, canvas

Anthea, pencil on paper

Labyrinth. Oil on canvas

Labyrinth. Detail. Oil on canvas

Labyrinth. Detail. Oil on canvas

Fish in the Clouds. Ink on paper

Fish in the Clouds. Oil, canvas

Anna. Pastel on paper

Anna. Watercolor on paper

Elva, mixed technique on board

Elva with her portrait

Self-portrait with Hermann Nitsch, Oil, canvas

Polina as Athena, oil on board

Portrait of S. Paper, coal, pastel

Rita. Oil, canvas


Stefan as a godfather, oil on canvas

Portrait of Tine, oil on cardboard

Night. Pastel on paper

An Artist, Ink on paper

Fuchs, oil on paper

Lovers, Acrylic on paper

Karin, coal on paper

Yoko Ono. Coal, paper

Maja, mixed technique on canvas

Portrait of H. Oil, canvas

Sleeping woman, pastel on paper

Sleeping woman2, pastel on paper

Sally. Paper, pencil

Portrait of S. Paper, coal, pastel

Self portrait, oil on board

Mezzo Soprano Solmaaz Adeli. Oil, canvas

Loneliness, pastel on paper

Musician, Paper, pastel

Angela, Domask ink on paper

Angela, watercolor on paper

Anna, pastel on paper

Ahthia, watercolor on paper