Marianna Blier was born in 1976 in Astrachan (Russia). 

In 2000 she moved to Moscow, where she continued studying art, in parallel she got a PhD degree in economics in Moscow State University. Since 2007 she lives in Vienna. She works in her atelier in Vienna and marble studios in Carrara, Italy (Cooperativa Scultori di Carrara).


Art education:

2016-2018 University of Applied Arts, Vienna

2015 Autocenter Summer Academy, Berlin. Class of Erwin Wurm

2013- 2015 worked with artist Ernst Fuchs

2015 International Summer Academy, Salzburg. Class of Irina Nakhova

2013 Autocenter Summer Academy, Berlin. Class of Dirk Bell




2017 - the 1st prize in ceramic competition organized by the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and Techniker Cercle Wien.


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I started working with marble in Carrara , and from the first day I carved marble it was impossible for her to leave it.

For me marble is more than just material, it is my co-creator, driving my imagination during work. The image may change significantly from initial sketch to final work. Very often the images are coming in my dreams.


I find my inspiration in antique and Renaissance art, and my works are the contemporary perception and transformation of classical images.